In Memory of Karl 'Edrik' Manson 1970 - 2010

Karl Edrik @ Edinburgh 2009

CrimeWhoppers Poster

Crimewhoppers sees Karl perform a semi-autobiographical, audacious crime caper, which sees our anti-hero recount his rock and roll past of dodging the law, the villains and his mum. Journeying through college via numerous illicit means on his way to just not becoming a barrister. A 1996 drug bust leads to Karl going on the run. The show takes in his European travails as he skips the UK to narrowly evade Interpol in Paris and go completely off the radar.

“Crimewhoppers” @ Espionage
4 India Buildings, Victoria Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2EX
Venue Tel : 0131 477 7007
Show starts 3.45pm prompt – 1 Hour Show.

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Hari Krishna Poster

Hari Krishna and the Philosopher’s Stoned is an an extended version of his Edinburgh 2007 show. A tale of his quest to India for spiritual enlightenment and in process to win the heart of the only hooker he ever loved. With a spirited offbeat travelogue where you might not achieve nirvana but with bi-sexual hookers and Honeybee brandy consumed on the way, it’s a place where paradise is definitely just around the bend.

“Hari Krishna and the Philosopher’s Stoned” @ The Edinburgh City Café
19 Blair Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QR
Venue Tel : 0131 220 0127
Show starts 5.40pm prompt – 1 Hour Show.

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Karl Edrik Photo

Karl Edrik is also launching his debut novel with material from both shows and plenty besides included “Ticket To Hide” is being published as a limited edition run and will be available at both shows. Karl has also recently completed writing a screenplay, Chasing Easy Money.

Karl Edrik Presents will be returning to promoting in London after the close of the Edinburgh run. Details to follow.

The comic creation that became Karl Edrik began his journey to the stage growing up in the Shetland Islands. Displaying a passion for writing, singing and the arts, he decided in 2006 to devote himself to stand up comedy and through serious gigging throughout the UK his reputation as a sharply observed comic has grown apace with gigs at The Brighton Comedy Festival, Ed Comedy (formerly The East Dulwich Tavern Comedy Club), The Comedy Store, Downstairs At The Kings Head and other top comedy clubs.

2009 has already seen Karl promote two successful seasons of bespoke comedy clubs in London, The Ivy Comedy Cabaret and The Piccadilly Comedy Royale which have seen him gain a growing reputation as a capital comic and compere whilst also bringing the cream of alt stand up names to classy comedy crowds with guests including Nina Conti, Frank Sanazi, Rob Rouse, Christian Steel, Logan Murray, Sarah Louise Young and many more.